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GFSI Global Market Program

What is the GFSI Global Market Program?

The GFSI Global Market Program (GMaP) sets out how companies who lack or have underdeveloped food safety systems can meet the challenge of food safety, while simultaneously reducing hazards in global food supply chains and working towards market access through certification to a GFSI-recognized certification program.

What GMaP covers:

The program has so far been developed to cover the scopes of manufacturing and primary production.


Primary Production 


Who Benefits:


  • Pathway toward certification
  • Access to new markets
  • Enable local, regional, and international trade


Government and Regulators:

  • Compliance and legislation
  • Regulatory efficiencies
  • Opportunity to align both public and private approaches
  • Total supply chain food safety management system

Retailers, Brand Manufactures, Food Service 

  • Effective shared risk management tools
  • Convergence which saves money, improves market linkages, and enables simpler buying