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For New Clients:

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GFSI SQF Certifications and Global Markets Audits

Steps to SQF Certification

GFSI approved certifications –  The Global Food Safety Initiative is a collaboration of Food Safety Experts from around the world who want to provide safe food to consumers everywhere and create a system where there is continuous improvement of all food safety programs. These experts have approved several benchmarked certifications that are accepted worldwide. Of these approved schemes, we provide SQF Edition 8.0 certifications. SQF audits are based on HACCP and require management commitment to food safety. Corrective action follow-up to every non-conformance found on the certification audit is required to ensure improvement of the food safety program. 

Advantages of SQF Certification:

  • Protect your brand and image.
  • Increase profits through one audit per year that qualifies you to sell to large retailers.
  • Reduce Risks and Recalls.
  • Protect consumers.
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of your food safety program.

SQF released the new Edition 8 on January 2, 2018. Instead of Level 1, 2, and 3 – it is now broken down into Food Safety Fundamentals (not benchmarked), Food Safety Code (Primary Production, Manufacturing. Storage and Distribution, Manufacturing of Packaging Materials, Retail), and Quality Code (quality of the product without the food safety audit). We are helping our clients that are currently SQF certified prepare for the new SQF Edition 8. Click herefor our SQF Edition 8 Cheat Sheet


Steps to SQF Certification

Request For Quote Form – You will need to fill out a request for quote form before starting the SQF certification process. By providing information on your products, processes, and operations we can determine the length of time and costs for the certification and provide you with a formal quote. After you have signed and returned the quote to us, you will then need to register in ReposiTrak and choose ASI Food Safety as your Certification Body.

Pre-Assessment – (Optional) – The auditor will perform the SQF audit but the score will not be turned into SQF. The auditor cannot give advice or consult in any way, only identify non-conformances. This will allow you to correct non-conformances prior to your audit. The same auditor will then perform your Document Review and Certification audit. There are many reasons companies choose this option – to prepare for their initial certification audit, to advance to the SQF Quality Code or to prepare for the new SQF Edition 8.0 that went into effect January 2, 2018.

Desk Audit or Document Review -  This step is required only in the first year and before the certification audit. The same auditor that will perform the actual audit will review documentation and record non-conformances so the facility can submit corrective actions before the audit.

Certification Audit - The actual audit and the score is turned in to SQF. Companies that achieve their certification are listed on the SQF website and receive a certificate.

Re-certification Audit – you have a 60 day window, 30 days before and 30 after, to have your re-certification audit after initial certification and every year after. Once every three years you will have an unannounced re-certification audit instead of an announced audit.

You must score above an 85% or you will go under surveillance and will be audited every 6 months until your score is above 85%.

Transferring your SQF Re-certification audit from one CB to another CB is very easy as long as you are in good standing with SQF. You will need to fill out a Request for Quote form and check the transfer box at the top. After completing the form, send it back to us to receive a formal quote. You will then be contacted by one of our team members who will ask you a few questions and determine dates for the audit.

GFSI Global Markets Small Supplier Audits

Many large retailers buy products from very small suppliers that cannot afford to obtain a GFSI certification. This climate is driven by consumers’ demand for buying locally produced products so many suppliers only sell their products to regional stores. The GFSI Global Markets audit was developed for these underdeveloped suppliers so they are moving in the direction of continuous improvement of their food safety programs - with the intent that they will eventually achieve a GFSI benchmarked certification. We are one of 3 companies that are approved by Walmart to conduct GFSI Global Markets Small Supplier audits. Many other Retailers accept this audit as well.

Basic and Intermediate Assessment Audit Report

Corrective Action Form – see attached

Click here for the GFSI Global Markets Program Roadmap to safer food and market access.