GMP Audits, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), are required by 21 CFR 117. This audit focuses on preventing contamination  and minimizing risk.

Areas of inspection include record keeping, HACCP, HACCP assessment, personnel practices, equipment maintenance, sanitation procedures, complaint policies, allergen control, and HACCP Validation. We have auditors nationwide to help you save in travel costs.Our thorough onsite GMP/Food Safety Systems audit provides you with the information necessary to improve your food safety and quality systems. 

Today, most food manufacturers and food retailers require a minimum of a third party GMP audit.  ASI conducts third party GMP audits at:

-Food Processing Facilities
-Consumer Goods and Packaging Facilities
-Distribution and Warehouse Facilities
-Retail Establishments
-Packaging Facilities

-Pet Food/ Pet Feed

-Food Processing Sanitation

-Warehouse Sanitation

-Supplier Specific Audits

-HACCP Assessment

Please note that your facility MUST be in production when the audit is taking place.

As a leader in food safety, contact any of our account representatives to answer your questions or to schedule your audit.

Here is when you can expect to receive your GMP Audit Results:

Day 1- Draft copy of Report is Written
Day 3- Draft Copy is Sent to Corporate to be Logged into the System
Day 5- Report is Sent for Technical Review
Day 10- Report and Score is Finalized and Emailed to the Facility upon payment

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GMP Audits

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