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1/25: Preparing for a Pre-assessment and Food Safety Audit - learn the preparation needed prior to both assessments.

4/26: Allergen Management Program - an overview of the impact of major allergens, regulations and  control.

All cGMP auditing, food safety training, and consulting activities are conducted through ASI Consulting, a separate division from our certification body, ASI Food Safety, in order to prevent any conflicts of interest.

2/22: Food Defense Programs - required by FSMA, learn the basics for setting up a good Food Defense Program.

6/21: Verification vs. Validation - learn the differences and how to effectively perform them.

8/23: SQF Pre-Assessment or GMP Mock Audits Explained -  understand the advantages of both services prior to a scored audit.

9/18: Steps to SQF Certification Integrating SQF Consulting and Gap Analysis - Explore the options available to help you prepare for certification.

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2018 Learning Lunch Food Safety Webinars Schedule - Noon CST

12/6: HACCP Training vs. PCQI Training - what is covered and what do they mean.

10/25: Adding Quality to your SQF 8.0 Audit - An overview of the advantages and processes needed to attain the SQF Quality Code.

5/24: How to Create and Control Your Pest Control Program - learn the best practices for food industry facilities.

11/15: Food Borne Illnesses - Avoid Salmonella and Listeria - review the steps needed to minimize your risks.

3/22: Risk Assessments in Ingredients and High Risk Management - explore the tools and processes needed to manage your risks.

8/9: Foreign Supplier Verification Programs and Supplier Verification - FSVP is required by FSMA, learn how to better manage your suppliers.