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If you have any concerns, appeals, complaints, or disputes please contact the appeals and complaints department at

ASI CB’s appeals, complaints and disputes are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  Appeals, complaints and disputes may be identified by Employees, Auditors, Suppliers, and Buyers.  ASI CB will eliminate any persons involved that could compromise impartiality of the investigation.  A minimum of two members of the Quality Team will make the ultimate decision on the Appeal, Complaint or Dispute.  The policy for handling appeals, complaints and disputes is as follows and will be made available to the specific Standard Owner upon request:

1. Any individual who has an appeal, complaint or dispute can initiate the process by submitting the Appeals, Complaints and Disputes Form to any Quality Team member and/or Senior Management for investigation.  Process can also be initiated online via ASI website.

2.  Quality Team Member and or senior management acknowledges and documents receipt of formal complaint and will gather and verify all necessary information to validate the appeal within 30 days.

3.  The decision resolving the appeal and/or complaint shall be made by, or reviewed by, individual(s) not involved in the activities related to the complaint.

4.  A review of the decisions and corrective action plan for the appeal and/or complaint will occur within 30 days of the original appeal and/or complaint date.

5.  The Quality Team shall give formal written notice of the outcome and end of the complaint process to the complainant within 60 days of initiated appeal and/or complaint.

6.  Regardless of appeal and/or complaint, a suspension/withdrawal of certification will not be delayed.

7.  All findings, support documentation will be stored in the company database under keyword ‘Complaints’.

If a complaint is related to the Quality Manager, the information will be forwarded to Senior Management.  They will conduct a review independent of the Quality Manager within 45 days.  Remedial training will be provided and documented by Senior Management if applicable. 

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