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The ASI Food Safety Training and Consulting Division can provide experts to help you achieve your food safety goals, whether it is a GFSI SQF Certification, HACCP plan Development, or GMP program development.

SQF - Need help preparing  for your SQF Certification? We offer several services to help:

  1. SQF  Gap Analysis - Our expert will go on site to do a SQF Gap Analysis to prepare you for a SQF Certification Audit. During the three day Gap, the expert will bridge the gaps between your current HACCP program and processes and the SQF requirements. They will leave a list of non-conformances and how to correct them with your team.  
  2. SQF Manual - The same expert can also prepare all of your SQF documentation offsite for 5 days. 
  3. Three Days On-site Management Review - The same expert returns to your facility to work with the management team to review and implement the SQF Documentation. 
  4. You have the choice of having this same expert on site during your documentation review and SQF Certification Audit. 
  5. Perform SQF Internal Audits - A consultant can also perform internal audits for certified facilities. SQF requires one internal audit per year but many companies perform them quarterly to keep their programs current and running smoothly. Having an outside set of eyes reviewing the programs helps identify deficiencies that may otherwise be overlooked by management during day to day operations.

HACCP - Our expert will go on site to:

  1. Write your HACCP plan
  2. Modify the current program
  3. Verify current plans
  4. Perform risk analysis 

GMP Program Development - Our expert  can go on site to:

  1. Write prerequisite programs
  2. Customize audit forms
  3. Develop customized supplier programs 
  4. Auditor on Call 24/7 - a consultant can also be on retainer for  recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks.
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