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 Food safety training is necessary for the continuous improvement of your programs to meet regulatory standards. Empowering your employees by increasing their knowledge through continuous food safety training is one of the best investments for your company.

We offer several Food Safety Topics that can be attended on-site, by webinar, public:

– Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a systematic preventive approach to food safety to reduce the risks of biological, chemical and physical contamination. HACCP is the foundation of all GFSI benchmarked certifications.  Learn the 7 principles of HACCP – hazard analysis, identify CCP’s, establish critical limits for CCP’s, monitoring requirements, corrective actions, validation, and recordkeeping.

Internal Auditor
– Learn how to perform Internal Audits of your food safety system to monitor and improve your program. Internal Audits are required by all GFSI benchmarked certifications. This course also helps companies audit their own cGMP Food Safety Programs.

PCQI – Preventive Controls Qualified Individual refers to an individual that has successfully completed the training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls. This training is a requirement of FSMA, the Food Safety Modernization Act, a law enacted to ensure safe preparation of food products for human consumption in the US to prevent foodborne illness. A person can also be qualified through job experience to develop and apply a food safety system. 

SQF Edition 8 – An overview of the SQF Edition 8 Code requirements and preparation for implementing SQF systems.  

On-Site Seminars 

We offer on-site seminars on HACCP, Internal Auditor, PCQI, and SQF Edition 8 Training. These training courses can be customized so they are specific to your type of operations.

Please call one of our business development managers for more information on customized seminars - 314-880-8880 or 
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We offer Live/Interactive HACCP and Internal Auditor Webinars, spread out over 2 or 4 days in 4 or 5-hour increments so your employees can remain onsite and keep an eye on operations.  

Click here  for more information or to register.

Live/Interactive Learning Lunch Webinars

We have complimentary Learning Lunch programs every month, for one hour on various food safety topics given by experts in their field. Click here  for the schedule and to register.

All cGMP auditing, training, and consulting activities are conducted through, ASI Food Safety Consulting, a separate division from our certification body, ASI Food Safety, in order to prevent any conflicts of interest.