Do you have a customer who is requiring a cGMP Third-Party Food Safety audit before they will buy your product?

ASI Consulting has been performing cGMP Third-Party Food Safety Audits audits for over 70 years.

ASI Consulting hires food safety auditors who have many years of experience in the food safety industry as plant managers, vice president of operations, quality assurance managers and related food safety positions.  They are very qualified as experts in the field and are passionate about helping companies improve their food safety programs, educate employees, minimize risks, and reduce the incidences of foodborne illnesses.

The following are the cGMP audit services we provide:

cGMP Food Safety Mock Audit – The auditor will walk through the cGMP food safety audit process, go over every question on the audit form and help you prepare for a scored audit. This is for clients that have not had audits before, are new to the industry or have not had an audit in a while.

cGMP Food Safety Scored Audits
– ASI can perform the scored audit to satisfy your customer’s requirements. We offer different types of cGMP food safety audits specific to the facility being audited – Food Processing, Distribution, Packaging/Non-Food, Kitchen/Commissary, HACCP Assessments, Retail audits, Pet Food/Animal Feed, Nutraceutical, supplier-specific audits and more. Most companies require audits annually.

Customized Food Safety Audit Forms
– Our experts can customize audit forms and audit programs for your different facilities and supply chains. The criteria can include your company policies and procedures so all locations comply with the cGMPs and management guidelines. Companies perform these audits annually, semi-annually and quarterly.

Supplier Programs
– we can ensure that your products are being safely handled and protected following the cGMPs throughout your supply chain. Companies perform these food safety audits annually, semi-annually and quarterly.

Auditor on Call Program – Our Technical Director will be on retainer and available on call 24/7 for food safety recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks.

Types of cGMP Audits Performed

• Food Processing

• Packaging/Consumer

• Distribution and Warehouse

• Kitchens and Commissary

• Retail

• Pet food/Animal Feed

• Nutraceutical

• Supplier Specific Audits

• HACCP Reassessment

Please note that your facility MUST be in production when the audit is performed.

Contact any of our Business Development Managers to answer your questions or schedule your audit, 314-880-8880 or 
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2018 Forms

ASI Food Processing Form version 1

ASI Warehouse and Distribution Form version 1

ASI GMP Packaging and Consumer Goods Audit Form version 1

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All cGMP auditing, training, and consulting activities are conducted through ASI Consulting, a separate division from our certification body, ASI Food Safety, in order to prevent any conflicts of interest. 

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